A Guest Lecture on Power of Journalism by Dakshesh Pathak

A Guest Lecture on Journalism & Mass communication was held on 4th July 2018 by Mr Dakshesh Pathak and Mr Padmakant Trivedi at Calorx Teachers’ University. Lecture was started with welcome speech by Dr. Vishal Gupta, he gave brief introduction of Mr. Padmakant Trivedi, who is Chairman at V R Institute of Journalism & Mass Communication. In his presence, Mr Dakshesh Pathak, a Writer & Senior Journalist, spoke about what is journalism?


Mr Dakeshesh Pathak mentioned to the journalism’s students that, journalism is the career for the curious. Every day you wake up and are paid to investigate new topics or events occurring in your society, or community. You learn something every day as a journalist, that is what makes the career so rewarding. During interaction among students, he also discussed some case studies. At the end, Mr Padmakant said that, this field is for those who has inner strength and self-confidence to fight against injustice, not only for themselves but for others too.

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