International Conference on Quality Education in Global Perspective

This summary captures a two-day programme of presentations, panel discussions and interactive dialogue at the conference on ‘Quality Education in Global Perspective’, which took place from 29th  to 30th  August 2018 in Calorx Teachers’ University. It was successfully arranged by our Management of the University.  The conference was about to maintain the Quality in Education.  It is the key to prosperity and opens a world of opportunities, making it possible for each of us to contribute to progressive and healthy society. The conference aimed at creating a platform for educators, decision-makers, higher education leaders and partners engaged in the promotion of higher education to deliberate on issue pertinent to the enhancement of quality education in India & Abroad.

The 1st day conference was started around 10:30 am with welcoming of the chief guests Dr David Caldwell, Programme Director, TESOL, University of South Australia and all other Keynote speakers with flower bouquets. All dignitaries opened ceremony by lighting the lamp to signifying that Light is a symbol of brightness and prosperity as sunlight expels the darkness of might similarly blessings bring in our life prosperity and happiness. To make this conference a blessed one invoke goddess Saraswati by kindling the lamp of knowledge and wisdom. The conference brought together some 150-200 participates to review the quality education in Global Perspective.

Opening the 1st session of the Conference, Prof. R. G. Kothari, Former Dean, Faculty of Education at M S University, Baroda, highlighted the quality in school & college Education. He talked about the objectives of quality, indicators of quality and issues & Concerns about the students.  At last he spoke about the role of teachers in Education by giving examples from his experience.

Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Head EMST & Young PMV, DHTE Govt. of Jharkhand, Ranchi, talked on quality in education. He had given comparative study of higher education in various universities of India and given the analytical study of Quality Education. He also shared his outstanding experience of army with science and technology.

Chief Guest, Dr. David Caldwell, Programme Director, TESOL, University of South Australia, started his presentation joyfully. He enlightened the students by explaining the quality education in global perspective.  He stated five points that must be there in Education. 1. Authencity –teachers should be themselves only. 2. Flexibility in the classroom. 3. Open Mindness. 4. Communication – interacting with the students. Listen the students’ voice. And 5. Work Hard. He quoted that ‘You are learning to be life long.’ Teacher should engage the students in the classroom then after quality will be maintained in Education. Dr David also had discussion with students and encouraged them by giving props who gave the correct answers.

Opening the 2nd session of the conference, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, highlighted open book examination in higher education. By this examination students’ nervousness and anxiety will be decreased and they will perform well in the examination. He addressed open book examination should be accepted by the Education government. At last he stated that ‘Change is the ultimately permanent thing that can be done.’

2nd session of the conference brought together 50 students who presented their research paper and articles on quality education. Everyone had interactive session. The day went well with appreciation and applauds.

The 2nd day of the conference was begun with Maa Saraswati pooja and lighting lamp ceremony by keynote speakers and all other dignitaries. The 1st session opened by Prof. Ramesh Amin, Provost, Calorx Teachers’ University, Ahmedabad, spoke on quality education in global perspective. He enlightened our minds by his knowledge.

Dr M M Patel, Former Vice Chancellor, HNGU, Patan, talked about quality education in Pharmacy. He highlighted ‘Drug Development process,’ ‘Pharmacy Curriculum.’ He also showed guidance about study line in India and also showed opportunities in Foreign in Pharmacy line as well.  He discussed about education system in 21st century.

Dr Anjana Vyas, had words on education & Capacity Building: Assessment of e-Learning Pedagogy. She clarified forms of education, steps towards sustainable education, area of importance, strategy, best practices and motivation. Everyone should go beyond education – OUTREACH. She also discussed about Geomatics – geographical information system.

Dr. Rushikesh Ved, Professor, Pritima Education, Ahmedabad, talked on education system in India. He said global perspective belong to learning and learning belong to creativity. He stated two points – 1. Unique Education and 2. Self-Education.

2nd session began with paper presentation. It brought together around 50 participates, represented their knowledge and perspectives towards quality education. Everyone shown great talent and had discussion with others participates.  At the end students were given certificate by our keynote speakers – Dr. Rakesh Sharma and Dr R S Patel.

Dr. Sahil Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Calrox Teachers’ University, conveyed his gratitude to all participants, particularly session moderators, panellists and presenters in his capacity as conference chairperson. He extended his thanks to the organizing committee for their efforts, and expressed his satisfaction with the interactive nature of the discussions while congratulating participants on the extensive networking that had taken place, which he hoped would continue going forward.

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