Maa Saraswati Murti Sthapna celebration

Maa Saraswati Murti was established with great fervour on 30th April, 2018 at
Calorx Teachers’ University, Ahmedabad. On the auspicious day, the students
and faculty of the university came together to seek the blessings of the Goddess
of knowledge, music, art and culture. Puja was offered to the Goddess of Learning
by the members of University’s management, followed by a rituals.



Both the faculty and students joined hands together, with great zeal to make the event a memorable one also evoking the blessing of the goddess of knowledge to have a successful academic and carrier growth. The celebration came to a close with distribution of ‘Prasada’. Gaiety and piety went hand in hand to live an indelible impression in the mind of all those who witnessed the programme.

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