Orientation of new Academic season 2019

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On 15th of July’19 (Monday), Calorx Teachers’ University stepped into another progressive and prospective academic year.  The Inaugural Day was flooded with more than 200 students with their eyes brimming with new dreams, excitement of entering into Higher Education, zeal to get acquainted with new faces and looking forward to get into completely novel experience of learning.

The Students had warm welcome by their seniors and teachers. The day began with the auspicious moments of Prayer and Lighting of the lamps followed by Saraswati Vandana. The faculty members were introduced to them as well as they were also informed about the different Heads. The students were then oriented about the University Peripheral System. They were also given the time to take a round in the premises to get familiar with different sections. The whole atmosphere was filled with zeal and energy with the students moving around, talking to their new teachers and classmates, enquiring about their concerns etc.

The day ended with a positive note as the students’ good-bye bid was actually their zealous affirmation to attend the classes the next day.

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