Workshop on Research Methodology in Geography Press Release

A one day workshop on Research Methodology in Geography was held in Calorx Teachers University, Ahmedabad on 9th December 2018. The workshop jointly organised by Gujarat Geographical Association (GGA) and Calorx Teachers’ University had dual objectives to cater to the needs of two groups of GGA members. The first group consisted of School Teachers and second group consisted of University teachers, PG Students and Research Scholars.  The workshop’s intent was to reach out to these identified groups and their needs to achieve fair success.

The workshop was convened by Dr. J.G. Rangiya, President, GGA and Dr. Vishal Gupta, Assistant Professor, Calorx Teachers’ University. The key speakers of the workshop also included Dr. K.M. Kulakrni, Rtd. Prof.-Head Geog., GU, Dr. Bimal Bhavsar and Prof. D.K. Patel, S.L.U. Arts and P&H Commerce College.  Attended by School teachers, University Teachers, PG Students and Scholars, the workshop begun with the welcome speech by Dr. J. G. Rangiya followed by keynote address by Dr. K. M. Kulkarni and Speech by Prof. Ramesh J Amin, Chairman & Honourable Provost, CTU.   The workshop also exhibited work of Mr. N.M. Makwana on ‘Natural Hazards’ and ended with concluding sessions for both the groups.  The workshop helped the participants to gain insights on effective research methodologies to update their content, teaching methods, formulation of research theme, database, analysis and report writing.

About GGA

The Gujarat Geographical Association is a registered professional body of Geographers of Gujarat, established in the year 1984 with the efforts of late Profs. Ambubhai Desai, V. G. Dalal, N. G. Parikh, K.J. Patel (G’nagar) and Profs. Anjana Desai, K. N. Jasani and K. M. Kulkarni. Since then, the GGA has organized a number of biannual conferences at Ahmedabad, Rajkot, G’nagar, Patan and Vidhyanagar. As part of its activities, workshops, special lectures and Geo-Quizzes were organized for students, members and teachers. The association is in the stage of complete revival and rejuvenation. At present it has approximately 210 life members. The strength of the Association depends on its members- their co-operation and active participation in the activities. It is an earnest and sincere call to all geographers to come and participate in all deliberations to strengthen the Association.

About Calorx Teachers’ University

Calorx Teachers’ University was established in 2009 with a strong commitment towards excellence in research and innovative practices in higher education. CTU is a State Private University established by State Legislature of Gujarat Act No.8 of Year 2009. The core of the University is an incessant quest for diversity of practices and creating scholars with global standards and skills. It is CTU’s constant endeavour to create a talent pool of enlightened professionals, capable of revitalizing the education.

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