World Water Day Celebrated at Calorx Teachers’ University

As we all know, March 22 is observed as the ‘World Water Day’ and like every year Calorx Teachers’ University celebrated World Water Day with a theme of ‘Nature for Water’ which was mainly focus on exploring the nature-based solutions to prevent the water from getting polluted and saving water which is highly faced in the 21st century. On this day, our students of B.Com, BBA, B.Ed. and M.A courses gathered along with the faculty members for a pledge to save water.

“Save Water,

Water is the most precious gift to the humanity by the Nature,

Life on the Earth is possible only because of the water.”

Water is the most essential source of life on the earth as we need water in every walk of life like drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, growing crops, and plants, so on…

Here, CTU spreads message that “we should save water for proper supply of water to the future generations without contaminating it. We all should repeatedly know the causes, effects and preventive measures of water pollution to make our lives better. There’s no doubt that we all are aware about it but still on this World Water Day, let us refresh our knowledge and take a pledge to take care of the water around us because at the end of the day, it the playground of the different water animals and a home to the water plants.”

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